Date last updated: February 24, 2011

The AAPTP program was completed in May 2010; the program is in the process of completing awarded projects and no additional RFPs are planned.

AAPTP Webinar Series
Webinar #4: Improved Performance of Longitudinal Joints on Asphalt Airfields

This webinar will provide an overview of technical guidance for the improved construction and performance of longitudinal joints on asphalt airfield pavements. The unsatisfactory performance of longitudinal joints is one of the biggest problems on hot-mix asphalt airfields. Several different approaches to constructing longitudinal joints have been used with varying degrees of success. The presentation will report on the extensive synthesis of research and experience on conventional and special longitudinal joint construction techniques on both airfields and highways. It will include these topics: notched wedge joint, rubberized asphalt joint adhesive, cutting wheel, restrained edge device, joint maker, infrared joint heater, joint tape, paving in echelon, and target compaction level both at the joint and mat. The webinar will discuss present specifications and discuss requirements to use the different joint construction methods.

The AAPTP Webinar Series is designed to disseminate practical research from technical reports on airport asphalt pavement technology to airport engineers. A total of five webinars on topics selected by an AAPTP expert panel will be given from November 2010-May 2011.

Presenter: Dr. Rajib Mallick
Date: April 11, 2011
Time: 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Central

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AAPTP Projects

Awarded Projects

Awarded Projects
04-01 Development of Guidelines for Rubblization
04-01 Final Report
04-01 Appendix A
The Asphalt Institute
Dr. Mark Buncher, P.I.
$200,000 Contract
Project Completed
04-02 PG Binder Grade Selection for Airfield Pavements
04-02 Final Report
Advanced Asphalt Technologies
Dr. Donald Christensen Jr., P.I.
$150,000 Contract
Project Completed
04-03 Implementation of Superpave Mix Design for Airfield Pavements
04-03 Final Report Volume I
04-03 Final Report Volume II
04-03 Final Report Volume III
Burns, Cooley, Dennis, Inc.
Dr. L. Allen Cooley Jr., P.I.
$470,000 Contract
Project Completed
04-04 Evaluation of Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) for Airfield Pavements
04-04 Final Report
National Center for Asphalt Technology
Mr. Don Watson, P.I.
$300,000 Contract
Project Completed
04-05 Improved Performance of Longitudinal Joints on Asphalt Airfield Pavements
04-05 Final Report
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Dr. Rajib Mallick, P.I.
$150,000 Contract
Project Completed
04-06 Improved Porous Friction Course (PFC) on Asphalt Airfield Pavements
04-06 Final Report Volume I
04-06 Final Report Volume II
Burns, Cooley, Dennis, Inc.
Dr. L. Allen Cooley Jr., P.I.
$50,000 Contract
Project Completed
05-01 HMA Airport Construction Best Practices Manual
05-01 Final Report
Dr. E. Ray Brown, P.I.
$300,000 Contract
Project Completed
05-02 Fuel Resistant Sealers and Binders for HMA Airfield Pavements
05-02 Final Report
Mr. Doug Hanson, PI
$300,000 Contract
Project Completed
05-03 Effect of De-icing Chemicals on HMA Airfield Pavements
05-03 Final Report
Don Christenson, PI
$250,000 Contract
Project Completed
05-04 Techniques for Mitigation of Reflective Cracking
05-04 Technical Guide
05-04 Final Report
Harold Von Quintus, PI
$150,000 Contract
Project Completed
05-05 Evaluate the Need and Develop a Plan for National Certification of Airport HMA Technicians and Inspectors
05-05 Final Report
National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
Ahmed Farouki, PI
$50,000 Contract
Project Completed
05-06 Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements (RAP) in Airfields HMA Pavements
05-06 Final Report
05-06 Final Report Appendices
Western Regional Superpave Center
Dr. Peter Sebaaly, PI
$110,000 Contract
Project Completed
05-07 Techniques for Prevention and Remediation of Non Load-Related Distressed on HMA Airport Pavements Phase I
05-07 Final Report
Doug Hanson, PI
$150,000 Contract
Project Completed
06-01 Techniques for Prevention and Remediation of Non Load-Related Distresses on HMA Airport Pavements (Phase II) Follow on to 05-07
06-01 Final Report - A Laboratory and Field Investigation to Develop Test Procedures for Predicting Non-Load Associated Cracking of Airfield HMA Pavements
06-01 (Phase II) Guide for Prevention and Mitigation of Non-Load-Associated Distress
Doug Hanson, PI
$330,000 Contract
Project Completed
06-02 Use of Recycled ASR PCC Materials in HMA Airfield Pavements
06-02 Final Report - Use of Recycled ASR PCC Materials in HMA Airfield Pavement
Texas A&M
Dr. Anol Mukhopadhyay, PI
$150,000 Contract
Project Completed
06-03 Performance Based Specifications for HMA Airfield Pavements
06-03 Final Report
John Miller, PI
$190,000 Contract
Project Completed
06-04 Evaluation of NDT Technologies to Assess Presence and Extent of Delamination of HMA Airfield Pavements (Project titled "Non-Destructive Testing to Identify Presence and Extent of Delamination of HMA Airfield Pavements")
06-04 Final Report Volume I: Technical Report
06-04 Final Report Volume II: Supporting Information

Univ. of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Dr. Soheil Nazarian, PI
$190,000 Contract
Project Completed
06-05 Guidelines for the Use of State DOT HMA Specifications for Airport Pavements
06-05 Final Report
06-05 Final Report Appendices
Asphalt Institute
Mark Buncher, PI
$130,000 Contract
Project Completed
06-06 Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Airfield Pavements
06-06 Final Report
Dr. James Hall, P.I.
$100,000 Contract
Project Completed
06-07 Assessment of Existing Pavement HMA in the Overlay Design Procedures for Airfield Pavements Applied Pavement Technologies (APTech)
Mr. Monty Wade
Completion Date: 4-10

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