Request for Proposal
Project 04-06
Improved Porous Friction Courses (PFC) on Asphalt Airfield Pavements

Proposals Due March 10, 2006 at 4:00 P.M. CST

Airfield Asphalt Pavement
Technology Program (AAPTP)


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that all hot mix asphalt (HMA) runways be grooved or be covered with a porous friction course (PFC). Considerable work has been done in recent years improving PFC and open graded friction courses (OGFC) mixes. This project will evaluate the recent developments and examine previous use of these surface course materials to assess if these improvements are likely to provide better service for airfield pavement application. Recommendations will be provided to FAA on appropriate changes to FAA specification AC 150/5370-10B section P402 that will improve the performance and increase beneficial use on airfield pavements.


The objective of this study is to develop technical guidance and direction to improve performance of open PFC or open-graded friction courses on airfield pavements. This guidance should consider but not be limited to the following:

  1. Performance history of PFC and/or OGFC on airfield pavement
  2. PFC/OGFC mix design requirements and qualities and characteristics of component materials
  3. Construction requirements and limitations
  4. Existing surface preparation requirements
  5. Effect of temperatures and other climatic conditions especially durability under freeze- thaw conditions on construction and performance of PFC /OGFC
  6. Skid resistance characteristics of PFC/OGFC
  7. Service life and maintenance of PFC/OGFC
  8. Airfield pavement maintenance practice including removal of aircraft tire rubber from pavement surface
  9. Performance of PFC/OGFC considering airfield classification and type of aircraft using facility
  10. Compare and contrast design and performance of PFC/OGFC use on highways and airfields

This research effort shall be accomplished by the following tasks:

Task 1 -- Review performance history of PFC /OGFC at airports and airfields to assess reasons for limited and/or discontinued use. This should include military facilities as well as facilities in other countries such as UK, Germany and Sweden.

Task 2 -- Identify recent improvements in the specifications and/or material (binder and mixtures) properties in PFC/OGFC that may address the reasons for limited and/or discontinued use on airfield pavements.

Task 3 -- Evaluate the recent improvements identified in Task 2 and provide an assessment of these improvements for future use on airfield pavements.

Task 4 -- Develop revised draft specifications and FAA Engineering Brief on recommendations for future use of PFC/OGFC mix for airfield pavements.

Task 5 -- Provide recommendations on additional work that will enhance the possibility of wider use of PFC or OGFC on airfield and airport pavements

Task 6 -- Final Report -The contractor will provide a draft report consisting of all recommended products to the technical panel for comment and will address these comments in the final report.

Reporting Requirements

All written documentation will be prepared using Microsoft Word. All reports will be the property of the AAPTP and Auburn University and will be supplied in a format that complies with the FAA's Section 508 requirements for electronic documents. A policy statement for Section 508 can be found at, and the Section 508 website, a summary and list of standards, can be found at http://www.section5 0

Progress Reports

Quarterly progress reports (two hard copies and an electronic copy in Microsoft Word format) are required from the research agency and are to be prepared on the basis of calendar quarters. The research agency will mail the progress report directly to the AAPTP and will e-mail a copy to each of the technical review panel members. Each report will include a cover letter and the following:

  1. a clear and complete description of the work performed on each task during that quarter;
  2. an outline of the work to be accomplished during the next quarter;
  3. a description of any problem(s) encountered or anticipated that might affect the completion of the project within the time and fiscal constraints recommended;
  4. potential solutions to problems identified in (c) if any exist.

Report Format

The formats for the Interim and Final reports are provided under "Forms."

Contractual Information

Funds Available: $50,000

Contract Time: 12 months (includes 1 month for AAPTP to review and for the contractor to revise the final report.)

Staff Responsibility: Monte Symons, 334-844-4964,

Proposals Due: March 10, 2006

Submit Proposals To: AAPTP, 277 Technology Parkway, Auburn, AL, 36830

Authorization to Begin Work: April 1, 2006 -- estimated

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