Techniques for Prevention and Remediation of Non Lon-Related Distresses on HMA Airport Pavements (Phase II)

Background: A wide range of techniques and materials are being used as corrective measures and deterrents for non load related HMA pavement distresses at airports. A comprehensive review of the latest technologies and materials and pavement condition at the time of application is needed to assess the cost effectiveness and most appropriate application.

Product Approach: Phase II will be to develop a document that addresses the effectiveness, appropriate timing of application and test methods to assess the consequences and effectiveness of the use of rejuvenators, slurry seals and/or other low cost alternatives to rehabilitation. Phase I consisted of a literature review of extensive existing products used, documented performance of materials and techniques, and the long term research plan for development of appropriate test methods and field performance data collection. This phase (Phase II) will be to develop a laboratory test and conduct the research plan.

Effort: 24 months and $350,000 funds

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